Inspection/Testing For Lifting Equipment

Periodical inspection on all types of lifting and non-lifting equipment, this includes but not limited to fixed lifting equipment, mobile equipment and loose lifting accessories.

All inspected equipment is entered into a database which conforms to international regulations and generates the certificates and reports required by relevant standards.

All our engineers are trained to the highest standards through both internal and external training and undergo regular competency assessment to ensure they are up date with all the relevant procedures and standards.

Our testing & certification services can help you to assure the safe and proper working capability and condition of your lifting and hoisting equipment.

Lifting Operation Plan and Coaching

Creating a lifting plan for any engineered lifting project is a crucial aspect of success. A lifting plan creates a basis of how the lift should go and creates a real-time diagram that any crane operator and project manager can follow safely and effectively.

We engineer your project. Our top-of-the-line programming provides you with highly technical and detailed drawings. By taking each individual step of the project process and inputting into these crane lifting programs, we can give you a clear representation of what your lift and worksite environment will look like. We don’t just tell you we can lift it safely, we show you.

Our lifting plans get everyone on the same page from the lift director to the rigger. Our engineers print these for you to use as you work with our certified hoisting equipment to complete your lift project.

With our support & Experience, you can ensure the completion and success of your project and avoid any unforeseen surprises and circumstances by seeing the potential outcomes before you start your lifting operation.

Supply of Lifting Gears

We offer a wide range of lifting products available for purchasing or rental in very competitive prices according to the international standards such as: Wires, Ropes, Slings, Shackles, Karabiners, Lifting Pulleys, Gantries, Ladders, Lifting Winches, Links, Hooks, Clamps, Rings, Eye Bolts, Sockets, Chains Slings, Chain Blocks, Snatch Blocks, Fall Arrestors, Lever Hoists, Electric Hoists, Spreader Beams, Pallet Trucks, Platform Trolleys, Platform Tables, Mobile Racks, Turnbuckles, Ratchet Lashing, Load Blinders, Connectors, Body Harnesses, Shock Absorber Lanyard, Baskets, Racks, Caravans, Containers, Man Cages, Storage Cages, Forklifts, Hand lifts & Handling Equipment (Electric/Manual), Scissor Lifts, and other lifting & lashing tools.

Advanced NDT & Welding Inspection

Our expertise and knowledge in NDT and materials testing mean we can select the right techniques and procedures to detect defects and irregularities in your products, equipment, production facilities or plant assets and provide you with necessary data to assist you in making informed decisions. We can help you to avoid the potential for catastrophic consequences and financial losses with early detection of problems before they cause damage, operating inefficiencies or in-service failure.

In addition to our non-destructive testing and materials testing, we provide a complete welding support service to help you with your welding requirements, comply with international and national codes and standards.

Tanks Solution (Inspection/Cleaning/Painting)

Tank inspection ensures the safety and integrity of above ground storage tanks by preventing accidental leaks and avoiding costly decontamination, while providing critical data so lifetime and repair predictions can be made. There are continued advances in new non-destructive testing (NDT) technologies that improve detection of defects and accuracy of sizing.

Scaffolding Solutions and Certification

Scaffolding is one of the highest-risk occupations in the construction industry and every year there are numerous injuries and even deaths caused by scaffold-related accidents. We can provide the following services to minimize the chances of accidents occurring – accidents which far too often have appalling consequences:

• Scaffolding designing according to international standards.
• Supply of Certified Scaffolding Materials & Accessories.
• Safest Scaffolding Erection & Dismantling Services.
• Inspection & Certification of Scaffolding.

Rope Access and Working at Heights

We provide rope access technicians for safe working at heights for both offshore and onshore requirements.

Our rope access personnel stand out from most of our competitors in that many of our personnel are also trades personnel such as Rope Access Welders, Rope Access Electricians, Rope Access Platers and Rope Access Riggers, and Inspection personnel.

This in turn enables us to support a diverse range of customer requirements from simple working at heights, inspection activities, through to electrical and any other work-scopes need to be at heights, as well as the assembly and/or dismantling of structures such as drilling derricks or any other steel erection activity.

Our Rope Access Services are supported by our comprehensive Safety Management System that ensure every element of our operations is conducted in a controlled environment so as to afford our personnel, (and your project), with the minimum of risk in their work, and this is reflected in our safety records.

Rescue Team for Confined Spaces

With a focus on decreasing or minimizing injuries and fatalities, a rescue system was established by OSHA as a safety standard to protect your teams from injury or fatality when working in a confined space. The standard stipulates that when teams enter permit required confined spaces, the client’s confined space program must include necessary measures and resources for rescue.

Clients must have a rescue team available by a contractor/subcontractor while teams are working in a confined space. The rescue team must be able to respond in a "timely manner"

Dropped Objects Survey

We’re a leading provider of Dropped Object Surveys and associated support services to the Energy and oil & gas Industries.

In the interests of reducing risk we have seen the dropped object surveys broaden its remit in recent years to now cover the whole installation, and our surveys have evolved to cover all of the relevant areas, to the extent that we now offer one of the most comprehensive services ever.

We have however, retained our approach to these inspections as being as practical and pro-active to ensure that we solve as many issues as possible on site, so as to reduce or eliminate the amount faults/failures in the report and to reduce items to be attended to going forward.

Marine Services and Supply

We're capable to gently serve and supply your vessels or equipment's requirements regardless the size of the amount you require in all ports allover the world at any time.

Be sure that all of your requirements will be provided by the highest quality as well as delivering them on time.

Our staff are well trained with great experience in choosing the top and best goods available in our local market or from the imported ones to fulfill all your needs.

High Pressure Sandblasting and Painting

Our highly experienced staff provides a high quality mechanical brushing, sandblasting and repainting services. We understand the critical importance of a thorough sandblasting with the right technique to remove all old paints, oil, grime and grit. This assures a solid adhesion of the new paint applied to your equipment, machinery or structure and is the foundation to a long-lasting paint job. This is further strengthened by the use of high quality, durable paint and the right anti-corrosion product.

Manufacturing and Fabrication

We get our clients have the option of providing us with the drawings of their requirements or they can utilize our extensive Engineering resource to have us design, or assist with the design of your product/equipment.

We can also supply our engineer’s onsite to support the installation of any fabricated items that may be required.

The QMS that we operate provides you with the assurance that QA/QC of our fabricated components is of the highest standards, supported with comprehensive manufacturing reports including all of the relevant certification and documentation applicable to your fabricated item.

Water Tank Cleaning and Disinfection

We offer cleaning & disinfection services to make your tanks/network completely cleaned and premium, all our workers are certified by the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

All the used chemicals have the safety datasheets, also we are using a food grade detergent (alkaline, non-caustic and anti-foaming) which is used in the food & beverage industry.

We can offer other related services such as: Tanks Isolation & Supply of Water Tanks (Poly/Steel).

Diesel Tank Calibration and Certification

• Calibration of vertical tanks, rigid prismatic tanks, membrane tanks.

• Measurement and Calibration of Upright Cylindrical Tanks.

• Calibration of Upright Cylindrical Tanks.

• Measurement and Calibration of Spheres and Spheroids

• Measurement and Calibration of Tank Cars.

• Liquid Calibration of Tanks describes the procedure for calibrating tanks.

• Calibration of Barge Tanks.

Diving and Underwater Operations

Our general aim is to complete the underwater task, faster and safer than our competitors. Our diving services are provided by highly motivated skilled personnel and reliable modern equipment for Air and Mixed-Gas Diving. We have teams of qualified offshore engineers and technicians who are experienced in all aspects of the offshore industry and able to work internationally.

Our Professional Diving teamwork’s have more than 15 years of experience in providing commercial diving services. Therefore, our clients have come to expect the highest quality work resulting in a seamless professional service.

QHSSE Services and Solutions

We believe the quality of our HSSE services is directly related to the hands-on experience of our operations team, that's why we grantee our services with the most qualified and experienced HSSE professionals.

We can assist you to identify what is required on your work place, address organizational risk and develop an improvement plan to ensure significant cost savings and increased your productivity.

We can establish/develop/maintain your firefighting systems, first aid, risk assessment, Emergency responding, investigation, environmental impacts assessment and other wider HSSE services.

Calibration In-Lab and On-Site

Our calibration services are up to 30,000 psi, all our calibration certificates are according to the international standards (DKD, ASME, API, ISO and Client Specifications).

Our technicians and engineers perform the calibration in accordance to documented and controlled procedures to ensure all tests meet manufacture’s specifications.

Calibration and maintenance services that can be done for (Pressure gauges, Pressure transmitters, Chart recorders, weight indicators, torque wrenches and gauges, Pressure switches, electrical devices, pressure safety valves, pressure hoses, pressure vessels) Moreover the witness services.

Rental of Containers/Caravans/Baskets

In Splash International, we provide a hiring/rental services for onshore/offshore certified containers or baskets and even accommodation caravans, Whether you require containers for static storage, inland transportation or general logistical support, our wide range of containers including special equipment, we are sure it all meet your needs.

Supply of Manpower and Recruitment

We offer a professional recruitment service with the establishment of the Manpower Services division.

Our services for the supply of personnel/manpower also includes the Oil & Gas and the Non-Oil & Gas sectors, marine, constructions, industrial sectors, sea-ports, power plants and other organizations covering a wide range in the field of high management, Projects, Operations, Maintenance, Constructions, Commissioning, Administrations and Finance teams through the directors, seniors, technicians, juniors and helpers.

Transportation Rental

We offer reliable and efficient transportation rental services to all parts of Egypt to facilitate mobilization for both Personnel and heavy/light equipment as follow:

1. Sedan Vehicles
2. Light Trucks < 0.5 TE
3. Semi-Heavy Trucks < 2.0 TE (Single or Double Cabinet)
4. Semi-Heavy Trucks < 5.0 TE (with or without Flatbed)
5. Heavy Trucks > 10.0 TE
6. Microbuses (14 P)
7. Buses (52 P)

Training & Qualification Workshops

HSE Training Courses
Quality Training Courses
Soft Skills Training Courses
Drilling Training Courses
Production Training Courses
Mechanical Training Courses
Instrumentation Training Courses
Electrical Training Courses
Inspection Training Courses
Rope Access Training Courses