What we do

Inspection and Testing of Lifting gears

We provide periodic inspection services for lifting gears, and to verify their compliance with the manufacturer’s requirements and all international regulations and safety standards. Our services help to extend the operating period of the equipment, reduce negative effects at work, and reduce potential risks.

Prepare and Supervise safe lifting plans

The rigging and lifting plan is an essential part of the construction site preparation to reduce costs and increase productivity, we provide a good planning and proper supervision of lifting operations which is very necessary to prevent accidents, reduce risks and to protect personnel and facilities.

Examine and approve scaffolding

Scaffolding is one of the most dangerous professions in the construction and maintenance industry. We can provide scaffolding design services according to international standards, or inspect and approve scaffolds and issue certificates indicating their safety in order to reduce the chances of accidents.

Inspection of pipes for land/offshore rigs

Splash International provides qualified work teams to provide asset safety management services represented in examining and testing tubular and pipes for land and offshore rigs and their compliance with international standards. The necessary reports are also provided that make our customers avoid disruption to productivity or the occurrence of serious consequences.

Non-Destructive testing for material quality

We provide the appropriate techniques and procedures to detect the quality and defects of welding and provide you with other non-destructive tests, along with the necessary data and information to help you make decisions that enable you to avoid the possibility of potential consequences and financial losses.

Dropped Objects Controlling Surveys

Splash International is a leading provider of Dropped Object Surveys and associated support services to the Oil & Gas Industry. In the interests of reducing risk we have seen the dropped object surveys broaden its remit in recent years to now cover the whole installation, we support our services by providing our clients a full detailed reporting including (Summary of your location risks, Survey report, Fail list, and inspection manual book).

Calibration of pressure, temps and scales

Through success certified partners, we provide calibration services and hydrostatic tests according to documented procedures to ensure that all tests meet the manufacturer's specifications, in addition to that all certificates issued are in accordance with international standards and in accordance with the specifications of the customer's internal systems.

Rope access and safe working at heights

We provide safe working at heights services using the latest international technologies that are compatible with international standards by professional and internationally certified teams through our comprehensive safety management system, a system that get our customers save time, costs and efforts.

Rescue teams for confined spaces

Splash International contributes to achieving the highest rates of occupational safety and health in work sites by providing certified, qualified and trained rapid rescue teams at the highest level for safe work inside the confined spaces or at heights in accordance with international standards.

HSE consultation services

We believe that the quality of occupational safety, health and environment services is directly linked to the practical experience of our operations team, where we can help our customers determine what is required in the workplace, analyze and address risks and develop improvement plans to ensure increased productivity and reduce accidents and injuries.

Training courses & professional workshops

Through a wide selection of accredited experts, consultants and trainers in the fields of QHSE, Splash International provides training services and workshops accredited locally and internationally such as (training on rigging and lifting operations, scaffolding, safe work and rescue at heights, risk analysis and assessment, in addition to all other training and activities related to occupational health and safety and other training).

Qualifying companies to obtain ISO certificates

Our experts are able to qualify all kinds/sizes of organizations to comply with the requirements of the ISO standard specifications. Technical support is provided also to build the entire system and prepare documents, procedures and forms that are compatible with the requirements of the specifications, in addition to providing all required training courses until final accreditation certificates are granted.

Provision of manufacturing services

Through certified success partners, we provide our customers with drawings and designs of their requirements according to quality management systems in order to reach the best possible solutions supported by comprehensive manufacturing reports including all certificates, documents for manufactured equipment.

Supply of qualified manpower

We are providing employment services and supplying qualified manpower, as our services cover the oil and gas sector, the ports and marine services sector, the renewable energy sector, the construction and general contracting sector, the industrial sector and other various sectors in many administrative/technical fields.

General Supplies

Splash International provides general supply services in the shortest time with the highest quality in accordance to the international standards, especially the supply of certified lifting accessories, and Personal protective equipment.