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Who we are

Splash International is an Egyptian shareholding company, founded in 2017 and headquartered in Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt, and its trademark was officially registered with the Egyptian Ministry of Trade.

Splash International is one of the leading companies in non-destructive testing services, inspection, examination and calibration, providing technical consulting and supervisory services in the HSE field, we are also providing accredited training and workshops locally and internationally, manufacturing services through accredited success partners, supplying qualified and trained technical workers at the highest level, as well as general supplies.

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Our Vision

We seek to achieve a strong position and reputation locally and globally by providing added value through high-quality services, and adopting a scientific development approach in our services to revolutionize our fields and to ensure sustainable business partnerships.

Our Goals

We aim to become a leading company in the fields of Inspection, examination, calibration, testing and certification all over the world by providing a variety of services that meet the needs and requirements of the Local/International markets.


Our Core Values

Commitment | Honesty | Morality | Independence and impartiality | We avoid possible conflicts of interest | We neither accepting gifts nor other advantages which contradict with our integrity | Ensure the compliance with the recent international legislations and standards.

Kareem A. Razek

CEO Message

It is no secret to anyone the challenges over the past five years that facing the global economy, together we've faced this great challenge.

Splash International has succeeded to implement its projects in very difficult times, we will continue our business journey by focusing on four strategic areas: enhancing the company’s performance, increasing profitability, optimizing efficiency, and investing in our people, and since there is no certainty of when things might turn for the better, but we remain fully prepared and ready at all times.

Finally, I would like to express my deepest thanks to our valued employees for their relentless efforts to maintain our position as a leading inspection and certification company in the area, we are committed to provide an environment of continuous learning and development that enables them to achieve their success.

Our Accreditations

Our Expansions Abroad​

Splash International also achieved great success and was able to crowd out the big companies and has a prominent position in the first ranks among the competitors as it has a professional and highly trained work teams and success tools that qualify it to work with professionalism, accuracy and skillfully in many fields, and it has also expanded in the international markets in countries: Sultanate of Oman, Tanzania, Yemen, and Algeria.

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