We’re closely monitoring the situation during the COVID-19 outbreak and we are taking the necessary health and safety measures to ensure we continue to serve you with zero compromise on the well-inbeing of all parties. We will also continue to closely monitor and follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization and local public health authorities.

Full Automatic Body Disinfection

Sterilization gate against COVID-19

The thermometry and disinfection integrated channel are used for disinfection of body and other objects in public space entrance when emergency public health events occur. It is simple, safe intuitive and accurate to judge whether there is abnormal temperature of personnel. There is voice alarm for abnormal condition (temperature is higher than the set temperature) and it can’t pass through the disinfection channel. The operation of the equipment is under intelligent control, and there is no need for special personal to operate. The equipment has many functions, such as easy liquid feeding, real time display of running state. Automatic reaction of entry and exit objects

we protect you

Disinfection & Sterilization Service

Our Health & Safety team is proudly announcing for provision of Disinfection & Sterilization Services by Professional and qualified teams using a certified materials by The Egyptian Ministry of Health to the following workplaces (Offices, Factories, Industrial Sectors, Power Plants, Sea Ports, Construction Sites, Trucks, Workshops, Warehouses, Marine Vessels, Camps, Oil & Gas sector including Onshore/Offshore Rigs) Including Free Awareness & Guidance Posters for the Precautionary measures by the WHO and Local authorities.

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One man in protective suit disinfecting office work space